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Medical Credentialing, Insurance Credentialing and Primary source verification.

In the past, healthcare professionals viewed getting enrolled in an insurance company’s preferred provider network, also known as medical credentialing, as a non-essential step in developing their medical practices or increasing their patient base. This was only a couple decades ago.

In the past, patients did not expect every healthcare provider to accept their insurance, and some areas of healthcare, such as mental health services, were not even covered by most insurance plans. Additionally, many patients had “out of network benefits,” which meant that they could see any doctor they chose and then file for reimbursement from their insurance company afterwards. But the healthcare industry has undergone a significant change and now the expectation is that providers participate in insurance networks.


Nowadays, it has become imperative for physicians and healthcare providers of various types, such as chiropractors, nurses, psychologists, professional counselors, and many others, to participate in insurance networks, or what is commonly referred to as “medical credentialing.” This is a requirement in part because more individuals in the United States have health insurance coverage than ever before. Additionally, people today expect their healthcare providers to accept their insurance, which means if healthcare providers are not participating in a potential patient’s insurance plan, they are likely to lose that patient to a rival practice.

Medical Credentialing / Provider Enrollment Key Points

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Physician Credentialing Process Flow

Credentialing & recredentialing  is an on-going process and must be redone every 3-5 years. medicalcredentialing as a company offers complete credentialing and
re-credentialing. We notify you of expiring documents and ensure timely re-credentialing/ revalidation.


Step 1

Collect all the required documents from physicians for filling the credentialing applications.


Step 2

Develop an appropriate credentialing strategy by selecting the top payers to which the physician practice send claim


Step 3

Audit the application for accuracy & completeness – then file the application


Step 4

Submit the filled-up credentialing forms to the insurance carriers either chosen by the physicians or recommended by our expert credentialing specialist. 


Step 5

Follow up with the insurance carriers on a regular basis to track the status of the application.


Step 6

obtain executed copy of contract along with provider enrollment number from insurance carriers and communicate to the physicians 


An Insurance and Medical Credentialing Service Can Help

if you’re looking for a medical credentialing service that can take the burden of credentialing off of your plate, we can do that too.

There are few things in life and business that truly pay for themselves. We’ve set our prices to be affordable, so much so that if you turn just one potential patient away—just one—you would have been better financially having us help you with your medical credentialing. The value of just one client or patient greatly outweighs the cost of medical credentialing.

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Tania Mitchell
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Sandra Mcnealy
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Hannah Matcham
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